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Times change rapidly in the 21st century and people are always on the run. In today’s world people seem to be constantly on their mobile devices texting, emailing, talking, researching, and making purchases. They make decisions in the spare of the moment and the touch of a screen. Divinenaples.com provides the Take-Out Menu option for those who are on the run and want more choices than take-out pizza and Chinese food. Naples is famous for its sandy white beaches and over 900 restaurants. With the Take-out Menu customers can view your specialized menu, pay in advance online, and come and pick up their food. It’s that simple. Sometimes people don’t want to wait for seating and just want a good meal to take to the beach, park, business lunch or to the privacy of their home. This service is a simple process. People order from your menu, you get an email notification of the order, you get paid immediately, and you simply get the order ready for pick-up. We will list any restaurant, bar, coffee shop or bistro which would like to provide locals and tourist with dining options like never before. Let’s give the market place more choices which will result in more business and increase your bottom line.

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