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Instagram is becoming one of the most important platforms in today’s world. People are sharing their life experiences on a daily basis through pictures and videos. At Divine Naples we do the same. We do live Instagram feeds every day from different locations in Naples and the greater SWFL area. We cover just about everything under the sun, whether its businesses, events, nature, or places to visit. The live Instagram feeds are about 20 to 30 minutes of raw live information right on the streets. We offer sponsorship advertising opportunities for each Instagram Live. During each live broadcast we mention the sponsor several times. The Live broadcast is sponsored by one business only and the video will circulate on all our social media and will live on our website forever. Each video is posted on our Instagram Story Board and will remain there for 24 hours where thousands of our subscribers will view the live feed. We will also post the Instagram Live segment on our Facebook and You Tube Channel.

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