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The Divine Naples Daily Podcast. This is the only daily podcast in Naples, Florida. There are 3 different podcast shows. The Monday through Friday show is a 30-minute show where we introduce our audience to local businesses delivered in a humorous and unique style. Each show is sponsored by a business for a 5-day minimum. The sponsor gets plenty of exposure by the interaction between the hosts.

The second show is on Saturday where we interview a business owner or expert from Naples for one hour. The guests are provided a platform to tell their story about themselves, the Naples area, or their business, and why the do what they do.  Throughout the show we play the sponsor advertising several times.

The third show, Matt on the streets of Divine Naples, is on Sunday and is delivered in a entertaining way by bringing our listeners directly inside of a local business. Here the featured business can get up to 20 minutes of exposure with a detailed description of their products or service explained by our two host in their own style. This option is perfect for any business that wants to deliver their passion from behind the scenes of what they do,

All three shows will live forever in our website podcast library together with iTunes, Spotify, and Sound Cloud. People have a tendency to listen to two or three shows in a row or go back to something of interest they may have missed.  This will definitely help with the branding of your business. This option is for ONE advertiser only, per show, with no competition.  This is the only advertising opportunity for your business to be featured alone.

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