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Divine Naples will be publishing a monthly online magazine with original content about the city and surrounding area. In the near future there will be a printed version of the Divine Naples Magazine distributed throughout the city. Businesses and community organizations will be able to place ads at a very affordable price. Advertising will be limited and featured in a strategic manner. These ads will live forever on in our magazine library of back issues. Your ad will be placed strategically, and correlated with our original stories about the history, culture, and people of Naples. This is a very unique way to brand your niche or business.

The Divine Naples Magazine will be published once a month. This magazine is offered in an online format where you can purchase ad space in ⅛ page, ¼ page, ½ page or full page at affordable pricing. The advertising in our online magazine is also available in video format with clickable links that will take them directly to your website. Those options will never be possible in print advertising.

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Link to Site from Magazine

If you select this option we will put a link on your Magazine Advertisement so people can get to your website ASAP.

*Not available for 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 page advertisements

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Ad Sizes Width Height
(A) Full page 7-1/2″ 10″
(B) 2/3 vertical 5″ 9-7/8″
(C) 1/2 island 5″ 7-1/2″
(D) 1/2 vertical 3-3/4″ 9-7/8″
(E) 1/2 horizontal 7-1/2″ 5″
(F) 1/3 island 5″ 5-1/4″
(G) 1/3 island 3-3/4″ 7″
(H) 1/3 vertical 2-1/2″ 9-7/8″
(I) 1/3 horizontal 7-1/2″ 3-1/2″
(J) 1/4 island 5″ 3-3/4″
(K) 1/4 island 3-3/4″ 5″
(L) 1/4 horizontal 7-1/2″ 2-1/2″
(M) 1/6 island 3-3/4″ 3-1/2″
(N) 1/6 vertical 2-1/2″ 5″
Bleed Sizes
Full-page bleed 8-5/8″ 11-1/8″
Full-page trim 8-3/8″ 10-7/8″

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1/6 Page Ad, 1/4 Page Ad, 1/3 Page Ad, 2/3 Page Ad, 1/2 Page Ad, Full Page Ad

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